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Return of the Blech part 2

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Well, I do appear to be on the mend, though I’ve been left with a rather nasty cough due to some heavy congestion. It seems to be the one cronic illness I have: sinus congestion and infections. Anywho, I feel like I’m in the clear or at least home stretch. However the end result is that I’m still not 100% and so my art has been painfully slow. And between the slow down due to illness and the convention this weekend I’ve made an executive decision to not even worry about posting pages until the end of the month (next Tuesday, basically). At that point, the mega con crunch will be over, I’ll be back from Connecticon, I should definitely be hale again, and I’ll have managed to cut back on some of my ever-increasing stress. I absolutely hate missing deadlines, despite how frequently I seem to do it. But I won’t do half assed work. I’d rather be late than sloppy.

I’d like to thank everyone who has sent me their kind thoughts and wishes of a speedy recovery. Also, I’ve now got a list of some home remedies, some of which I graciously call daunting. Thank you all for your support. I hope you will be patient with me just a little while longer and then we shall get back to the good stuff. This scene has been a favorite of mine and I’ve been looking forward to it since I first drafted it. It is truly a disservice to have kept it from you for so long. I promise you will not be kept waiting much longer.


Friday, July 24th, 2009

Sorry about the quietness on my end. I’ve fallen rather ill, just after getting back from Otakon. Despite feeling like crap I’ve been working, it’s just far slower than usual. We should have at least one page next week on Tuesday, if not returning completely to our normal Tuesday/Friday schedule. I’ll be at Connecticon next weekend, and I’m looking forward to that. You can find me up in the Artist Alley, or at any of the panels I’ll be running this year. Do stop by and say hello. I shouldn’t be sick by that point any more.

Once again, sorry for the continuing delays. God I hope this isn’t strep.


Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Hokay, got that out of my system, for the now anyway. Right, so things are literally insane right now. Between keeping the comic updated, preparing for two of my biggest conventions of the year (Otakon and Connecticon, slowly working through my growing pile of commissions, and just trying to keep on top of everything I barely have time to breath it seems.

Anywho! The important news is that Issue 2 is now available for PREORDER. Exclusive to the printed version of The Wyrd Bazaar is the first ever release of The Penumbra Chronicles which are a series of short 3 panel humorous strips following the misadventures of the three Umbra the rest of the Umbra are embarrassed to call brethren. It’s kind of fun how versatile the Umbra are for both creepiness as well as comedy. Also in the issue is an in-depth journal entry on the Fae from our intrepid envoy and bard beyond the Veil, Cam. These should be getting back from the printers in time for Connecticon which I’m very much looking forward to as always.

I’ve got a couple of new shiny bits of merch coming just in time for Otakon (hopefully), including a number of large posters (16×20″). People have been asking for larger prints, and who am I to say no? For those of you who can’t get out to the east coast conventions and meet me in person (one day I’ll get out your way, honest) I’ll have said posters available online shortly. As always, if there are any particular prints you’d like to have take up some serious wall space, please let me know.

Speaking of Otakon. I am not entirely certain where I will be this Otakon. I haven’t been terribly public about this, but I managed to miss the window to get into the artist alley (along with seemingly everyone else I know) so I’ve been on the wait list for the last month. I’m still hoping I’ll be able to get a table down in the Alley and so those attending might find me down there. You should go to the alley regardless, as there’s a lot of really great comics who are going to be there (Chris, Mike, Jennie, Mookie, Hawk, Ananth & Yuko, Dern, Steve, Brian, Shawn, Chris & Barb, Nick, Marty & Ross among others I’m sure). However, if I’m not in the Alley, you should be able to find me attached to the Morlock table in the dealer’s room.

Also! Ok, seriously, last bit of news before I get back to work. Honest! SUPER ART FIGHT! returns to Baltimore on the 16th! That’s right! Thursday, the night before the monstrous con known as Otakon, Artists will come together to beat the ever-loving pants off of each other using naught but a single paint marker. I will be there to defend my title. That’s right TITLE. I am the sole and only reigning SUPER ART FIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! And I’m not about to let any lightweight take the title from me! You know who you are! Your days of lofty artistic fame are over! You’ll need to take a month off to nurse your poor little drawing hand back to health when I’m done with you! YOU ARE ON NOTICE!

As for the rest of you…


End of Chapter 2

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Hey Folks, as you’re reading this, I should be on my way up to Maine, for Portcon! Friday’s update will also see the end of Chapter 2: The Wyrd Bazaar. So I’m going to take a little break before starting Chapter 3. Just a short one, I promise. Chapter three will start up not next Monday, but the following one. The 29th. I need to take a little time to get chapter 3 thumbnailed and the rest of volume one fleshed out a bit more before I delve into it. Also, I could use a vacation, even if it is a working one. That’s all for now. I hope to see you crazy northern fans this weekend!

Murder She Wrote 2

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Hey guys, I have been super busy lately prepping for Animazement which I’ll be at this weekend. I had a blast there last year, and hope to have a resounding repeat this year. I’ve also finally managed to get something vaguely resembling a normal sleep schedule going. I’m awake during daylight hours. I’m not a vampire! Hooray! However, to keep this cycle I’m enforcing a strict “no staying up until dawn finishing pages” policy. So from now on sleep comes first. I can’t afford to throw myself off only to spend the time getting back on.

Also, have you people been watching Castle? I suppose I’m actually the one behind on this. As the last episode of the short first season aired last week, you’re probably not watching it any more. I’m still catching up, but seriously, this is damn good TV. For those who don’t know, it’s basic premise is that of Murder She Wrote: murder mystery writer helps police solve actual murders. It manages to do something rather impressive. The show has a good balance between the “the crime can’t be that simple, it wouldn’t make for a good story” and the “this is how police work really goes down.” The mysteries are convoluted and fantastical enough to make the writer character (Rick Castle) appropriate to the stories, but the way the crimes are examined and investigated is down to earth enough to be believably real. And if that weren’t enough reason to watch (genuinely interesting crime drama), the character interaction is simply brilliant. Nathan Fillion is charming and roguish as ever and Stana Katic is a super sexy fox. Even all of the secondary characters are interesting and charming and have their own quirks. There isn’t a single character I don’t enjoy. Why is it so hard to write good and interesting characters? Pay attention to this show. It’s already one of my all time favorites. I hope it continues to great things for many a season to come.

To Boldly Go…

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

So I saw Star Trek Friday. It’s bloody amazing. It is quite possibly one of the best relaunches of a series ever, certainly one of the best if not the best sci-fi movie in recent memory. The movie stays unwaveringly true to the source material without actually feeling obligated to follow it to the letter. Which is what any adaptation should do. Every character was brought to life in amazing ways, every actor breathing new life into classic characters without actually changing who they are fundamentally. Chris Pine is a great Kirk. He’s brings all of Kirk’s high-seas captain sass and boldness, his unending confidence and unwillingness to accept defeat without bringing the cheese Shatner (God love him) is known for. Quinto is a dead ringer for Spock, as I’m sure we who saw the trailers were quite assured of. It was Karl Urban’s performance as McCoy that impressed me the most. I swear to God it was like they resurrected DeForest Kelly and put him back on the big screen. It was an amazing performance. The rest of the cast was also great, even if we didn’t get a great deal of screen time. Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, and Scotty were all great. I was somewhat disappointed that despite Sulu claiming to be trained in fencing he has a crazy sci-fi katana and mad flippy kung-fu moves. That was a mild disappointment. But otherwise, the cast was spot on and I can’t wait to see more of them.

There were dozens of little nods to the original series and the films but none of it seemed forced. It was beautifully natural. Redshirts died (first of course), Bones was a doctor not a physicist, Scotty gave her all she’s got, Kirk banged the green chick. It was everything that made Star Trek awesome, new and updated, and shiny, and amazing.

I did want to kick JJ Abrams in the teeth and give his cameramen steady cams, and tell them to cut back on the lens flare a bit. Though I have that complaint with really anything action-oriented that holywood puts out these days. So, the film is well worth price of admission. I hope to see it a second time on the big screen.

In other news, I’m going to be at Animazement down in Raleigh next weekend. I should have some sweet new prints in time, and with a little luck a really sweet unveiling (more on this mystery later). Regardless, I hope to see more than a few of you there! I’ll be doing sketchcards, so do stop by and say hello.

Also, we’ve got a new wallpaper available:

And I’m hoping to be able to close the pre-orders for the Bubblegum Death T-shirt by the end of the month, so make sure to get yours reserved. Remember, without pre-orders we have a hard time bringing you cool new stuff like these shirts.

Classy in Black, Rockin in Grey

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Hey folks, just a quick heads up. Due to popular demand, Death is appearing in more stuff. In this instance, a hot new t-shirt!

This baby is now open for Pre-Order in both men’s and ladies’ cuts.

[Not Reproducable in Print]

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009


I messed it up, guys. I did something stupid and lost all my work on today’s comic. Well, all the progress I had made on the colors anyway. The linework’s still ok, but I have to start the colors from scratch. This is … disheartening… at best. I think I’m going to take a break. Juggle. Nap. Something. I’ll come back to this when I’m less … aggravated.

Needless to say, comic will go up this evening.

Zombie Easter Bunny

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Happy Easter folks.
And here’s a little something fun for you that is tangentially related: The Easter Song. Paul and Storm are, of course, exceedingly talented funny guys and you can check out more of their stuff (which I recommend because of the funny and talent I mentioned earlier) at

Also, I’ve got a new wallpaper up. I find it oddly appropriate for a great many reasons. Not just the colors. Remember kids, Faeries are dicks no matter how big they are.
April Wallpaper

Once More ‘Round the Sun

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Obviously Tuesday’s update did not go off as planned. This is mostly because I spent most of Monday traveling back from MTAC which incidentally was amazing. I had a great time, met a lot of awesome people and had me a pretty good time. Even managed to get Hawk to be social. MTAC also proved that geeks can be hotties too.

Friday’s update is progressing right on schedule, and since I don’t have any plans to go anywhere for at least a month or so, we should be back to our regular update schedule.

And it’s my birthday. Cheers.