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The good and the bad.

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Otakon was insane as it always is. I met a crap ton of people, barely had time to eat, and all around had a good time. Congratulations to Katie Buxbaum, who won the custom framed copy of the Steam Beast art print. I’d like to thank everyone else who participated in the raffle.

Unfortunately, the awesomeness that was Otakon is tempered rather harshly by my remaining grandfather passing away yesterday. I’m flying out to Illinois for the memorial service this weekend. Needless to say, this is going to impair my comicing schedule and I would not count on an update until the 17th. Sorry guys, but I’ll get back to a regular schedule when life permits. I’ll be back. I hope you guys will still be here.

Sooo… Games in Motion

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Sorry guys. I just haven’t gotten this shit done. How’s that for a first eh? A Webcomic that just tells you the page isn’t done on time rather than making excuses? I could tell you that there’s been some chaotic upheaval in my personal life and that I’ve been a slackass and let it affect my professionalism, or that I’ve been working on other tasks (moving, commissions, new art pieces) and it’s just eaten up my time, or that I’ve been having horrible writers block and the scripting is slowing me down. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. The end result is the same: comic ain’t done. As bad as I feel about being a slackass, because being a slackass sucks, I’m not pulling my punches on this one. The next quality awesome installment of our epic adventure will be posted as soon as it is done. In the mean time… play some kickball, the comic will be here when you come back.

In other news, I’m going to talk about gaming for a bit. Holy shit! I know! You thought I didn’t do anything but sleep and draw stuff, didn’t you! Ha! Fooled you! I’m something of a gamer, though a casual one at that. Used to be pretty hardcore FPSer back in the days of Day of Defeat. I was killer with my k98 back in highschool. Alas, I’ve gotten slower, and the kids who play those games now keep getting faster, and everything looks to be the same shade of hyper-textured brown to me. You know, when shit ain’t exploding. But I do enjoy me some gaming now and again. I’ve been a stalwart PC purist for a long time now, but despite my stance that your computer is a better gaming machine and far more useful than any entertainment/gaming console the gaming industry has embraced consoles as the heart of it all. Every year more and more excellent games come out for consoles only, and on the rare instance where they’re available for PC as well it is quite obvious that they were meant for consoles. I played Prince of Persia (not the most recent sands of time one, the one before that with the headscarves) on PC and despite it being a mind-blowingly awesome game, the game play was less than stellar because all of the moves were mapped specifically for the xbox. Hell, the PC port was so bad that they didn’t even change the graphics. When those quicktime events came up it’d be all “PRESS A!” and I’d be all “shit! what key is mapped to A? Oh right! Spacebar” but by the time my brain finished that, it’d be too late. So consoles are here to stay. And the way they’re looking it looks like your console will one day be the hub of your household entertainment. It’ll be your media player, replacing DVDs, blu-ray, crystal matrix, whatever, and simply access media content through the great NET. Oh, and you can link your far more useful and multi-purpose computer to it as well. It is the future, I fear.

But something interesting has happened. The Wii came about and it was awesome. Motion control! Sweet! Virtual reality is here and it doesn’t suck! Sorta. The Wii is a great system, I wanted one since they announced it, but really I just can’t think of anything I’m dying to play on the wii. My roommates had a Wii and a 360, and I never played anything Wii-ish. I tried Zelda and didn’t care. Tried Metroid and got bored. Nothing engaged me on the Wii. Ah well, nice attempt, maybe next round. Well now, of course, Microsoft and Sony are trying to get in on that motion-sensitive casual gamer market that the Wii has been printing money off of for the last several years. And you know what? I’m not impressed. Not for gaming anyway. As awesome as it sounds to have you know a “gun” to play your FPS with, point and click and all that, until you make it totally immersive and figure out a decent movement control, it’s gonna suck. Go play yourself some airsoft or paintball, way more fun. And I have to say that while some of the manipulative abilities of the PS move are pretty sweet, the wands you use are some of the goofiest looking things ever. They make wiimotes look hardcore. The 360′s Kinect system I actually have more interest in, because unlike the PS move it actually takes motion sensitive technology to its logical conclusion: remove the controller. Why do you need it anyway, right? If you can make a gesture and have shit happen, why do you need to waggle a remote? Now, I don’t think the Kinect is going to be especially great for gaming. I could be proven wrong, but I don’t think it’ll really catch on. However, for baseline menu control and interacting with the BOX as opposed to the game, I think it has epic potential. Picture this:

You walk into your living room, power on your system, and plop down on your couch. With a swipe of your hand you quickly scroll through your Netflix que, decide there’s nothing new you wanna watch. A quick flick upward and you’ve shifted over to the Xbox live to see who of your gamer buddies are online and to see if that new demo finally downloaded. It did! So a quick verbal “play demo” statement sets it running. You grab your controller and play through some awesomeness for 15 minutes until a message from Frank saying that they’re getting a CoD game going and if you want in. Another quick hand gesture swaps out the focus from the demo you were playing to the chat window. And you voip Frank that you’re ready to go, as you quickly swipe your way through menus to boot up CoD. Or conversely, maybe Frank’s pissed you off and you angrily swipe the chat box off your screen and get back to your demo.

Maybe I’m just too much in love with Tony Stark’s 3D modeling computer, but that sounds pretty awesome to me. Maybe the Kinect can give us the start of that. Maybe not. Time will undoubtedly tell.

Life is Art is Life

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Before I start getting the flood of emails asking if I’ve given up on color, the answer is no. I fully expect to get these emails anyway, but I can at least attempt to communicate. However, the color will be coming in later than the inkwork for Tuesday’s update. Why again, you ask? Well, I shall tell you.

Anime Boston was a blast. Many thanks to all the people who came by and said hello, many more thanks to all the people who came to my panels and laughed on cue. You guys were awesome. However, like most conventions, I came home more drained than I thought I should be. It didn’t really help that I actually had to do part of the drive down from Boston twice because I forgot important things and had to go back for them. I admit I’ve been oddly spacey the last week or so.

The spacey-ness could be a side effect of completing my 27th trip ’round our closest star and simply being dizzy from all that roundy-roundy. More likely it is a side effect of, as my friend Mookie phrases it, my lady friend and her exceptionally enjoyable company. Who is to say? Regardless! I am now fully recovered (as much as I ever am anyway) and I have lots and lots of awesome story to tell you guys! So let us get back to the show and see how Cailyn’s going to get herself out of this mess…

…right after I file my taxes.

I’m Shippin’ up to Boston…

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

So, two of my best friends just got married in Salem. It was an awesome wedding, and the lovely couple are undoubtedly enjoying themselves in the manner that all newly weds do. Many congratulations to the both of them!

Needless to say… I’m in Boston right now. Well, Swampscott, technically, but whatever. The important point is, what with the wedding (which I wouldn’t miss for the world) and Anime Boston next weekend (where I’m very excited to be running the panel “Steampunk to Cyberpunk: a History”) I am not at the office (i.e. the basement) and I will not be there until the 5th of April. I attempted to get a buffer built up, but alas it was not to be. So, my apologies, my dear friends and esteemed readers, but there will not be new pages until the 6th at the earliest. I will, however, be making a point to post more here in this blog over the next week or so, in an attempt to make up for lost blogging.

Sometimes life gets in the way of the best laid plans. And life is fucking amazing right now.


Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

So remember when I told you guys the other week that there were going to be some changes around here? Well, here’s the first of them!

Shark Robot will soon be taking over all of my online storefront. What does this mean, you ask? It means several very important things. First it means that I won’t be in charge of shipping out merchandise anymore, freeing up a fairly sizable portion of my time to work on the comic! Huzzah! Secondly it means that I’m going to restructure how I do prints. Thirdly, it means that we’ll have T-shirts again! And new designs to boot!

One of the things I’m going to do during this change-over is I’m going to discontinue a lot of prints. Yes, you heard me, a lot of prints (mostly the limited edition ones) will no longer be available as I will not be printing them anymore. I’ll be keeping a number of existing prints (obviously) and there will be a bunch of new prints coming up. All the artwork will be available in new sizes: 8×10″, 10×13″, and 16×20″, which are all standard sizes, making framing super easy!

As of this month I’m making a slight change to the way the limited edition wallpapers work. As always, any donor who donates more than $15 will get one of the signed and numbered limited edition prints. However, now they will not be limited to runs of 100. The Limited Edition prints will be done in runs only large enough to cover the donors for the month. So once a new wallpaper goes up that 8.5×11″ limited edition print will never be available again. Based on past experience, this will make them limited to runs of roughly 15-30 copies. There is the potential for any wallpaper to later be turned into a regular print and available in the sizes mentioned above, but there is no guarantee that will happen. So come March, when I put out a new wallpaper, the current wallpaper will not be available in print again. You can always donate to get previous wallpapers at any time, but the limited prints will not be available once a new wallpaper goes up.

So when is this change over happening? The END OF THE MONTH. Come March 1st, all links to the storefront will be turned to point to Shark Robot. I won’t dismantle the GCG Studios storefront until the end of March, however. I figure a little bit of overlap is a good thing, but you’ll have to find your way there yourself.

Ultimately I feel this will lead to a better shopping experience for you, more time to do art for me, and in the end will streamline the whole business part of this thing I do. Yeah I know some of you guys are all “boo! you shouldn’t be in it for the money!” to which I say “I like being able to pay rent.” I don’t like the business part, I like the art part. If someone else would put a roof over my head and slide food under my door I would happily draw all day and night long without any thought to anything but the comic. As for the rest of you, thank you guys for all your support. I couldn’t be doing this without you guys. I feel this partnership with Shark Robot will be a good thing for all of us.

Stay tuned for new comic pages and a return of wearable art! Oh, and issue 3 is now available for preorder!

Getting back to it!

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Just a quick update while I have something resembling a moment to think. We’re almost done with our guest appearances, and I’d like to thank everyone who submitted a piece. You all are awesome and I appreciate the help. We should have chapter 4 starting up next Tuesday and going from there.

So far I’ve hit 2 of the 3 cons, and they both have proved A-mazing. Ohayocon was a great con to attend, and it was fantastic meeting my fans in the north! WhatTheHell?!con was also equally epic, if much smaller. I do enjoy the little college conventions. Terribly welcoming, and you actually have the ability to do everything and truly have fun. It was also entertaining to be auctioned off like a piece of meat for charity. I know the ladies were entertained as well…

So that brings me to Katsucon this weekend! I’ve always enjoyed Katsucon and I expect this year to be better than its ever been! Despite the insane amount of snowfall we’ve had in the area, I’m going to be there! I hope you guys will be too! I’ve got a couple of fun panels including a never-done-before Finder’s Keepers Q&A! That’s right! I’m opening the doors, giving out the secrets, but you have to be at the panel to find out! I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I will have some rather important announcements and more in-depth reviews of the last couple of weeks after Katsu, when my brain is a tiny bit more together than it is right now.

Guest Strips!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

As I said earlier, I’m taking a couple of weeks off before I start in on chapter 4. The timing is pretty good, actually as starting this weekend I’ve got 3 convention appearances back to back. This weekend will kick off with Ohayocon! In the meantime however, I’ve had several fans and friends offer up some artwork/comics to tide over the gap. I hope you enjoy them!

Clogged Tubes

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Sorry about the late posting. Apparently the internet was uncooperative for most of yesterday and I wasn’t able to actually upload the new page until today. Ah well, we continue onward with our story, soon to come to the close of chapter 3. I’m gonna give you all a heads up now. I’m going to take a short (no more than two week) break at the end of chapter 3. I need a little time to recoup and re address some things with the story and Finder’s Keepers as a whole. Mostly I need to catch myself back up on my scripting. So I’m going to put the shout out now: I’m going to be looking for some guest strips/fanart to tide over the gap between the end of chapter 3 and the beginning of chapter 4. If you’re interested email me at Thanks guys, and merry Christmas.

Connecticon Preliminary Report

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Ok, I was going to do a huge write up on how awesome Connecticon was. However, I am dog tired. As you can probably tell by the temporary appearance of a color-less comic. Tomorrow! After some sleep I will have colors go up, as well as an indepth report on the awesome that occurred in the state of Connecticut last weekend. Thus the plan is formed! ::passes out::


Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Hokay, got that out of my system, for the now anyway. Right, so things are literally insane right now. Between keeping the comic updated, preparing for two of my biggest conventions of the year (Otakon and Connecticon, slowly working through my growing pile of commissions, and just trying to keep on top of everything I barely have time to breath it seems.

Anywho! The important news is that Issue 2 is now available for PREORDER. Exclusive to the printed version of The Wyrd Bazaar is the first ever release of The Penumbra Chronicles which are a series of short 3 panel humorous strips following the misadventures of the three Umbra the rest of the Umbra are embarrassed to call brethren. It’s kind of fun how versatile the Umbra are for both creepiness as well as comedy. Also in the issue is an in-depth journal entry on the Fae from our intrepid envoy and bard beyond the Veil, Cam. These should be getting back from the printers in time for Connecticon which I’m very much looking forward to as always.

I’ve got a couple of new shiny bits of merch coming just in time for Otakon (hopefully), including a number of large posters (16×20″). People have been asking for larger prints, and who am I to say no? For those of you who can’t get out to the east coast conventions and meet me in person (one day I’ll get out your way, honest) I’ll have said posters available online shortly. As always, if there are any particular prints you’d like to have take up some serious wall space, please let me know.

Speaking of Otakon. I am not entirely certain where I will be this Otakon. I haven’t been terribly public about this, but I managed to miss the window to get into the artist alley (along with seemingly everyone else I know) so I’ve been on the wait list for the last month. I’m still hoping I’ll be able to get a table down in the Alley and so those attending might find me down there. You should go to the alley regardless, as there’s a lot of really great comics who are going to be there (Chris, Mike, Jennie, Mookie, Hawk, Ananth & Yuko, Dern, Steve, Brian, Shawn, Chris & Barb, Nick, Marty & Ross among others I’m sure). However, if I’m not in the Alley, you should be able to find me attached to the Morlock table in the dealer’s room.

Also! Ok, seriously, last bit of news before I get back to work. Honest! SUPER ART FIGHT! returns to Baltimore on the 16th! That’s right! Thursday, the night before the monstrous con known as Otakon, Artists will come together to beat the ever-loving pants off of each other using naught but a single paint marker. I will be there to defend my title. That’s right TITLE. I am the sole and only reigning SUPER ART FIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! And I’m not about to let any lightweight take the title from me! You know who you are! Your days of lofty artistic fame are over! You’ll need to take a month off to nurse your poor little drawing hand back to health when I’m done with you! YOU ARE ON NOTICE!

As for the rest of you…