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Archive for August, 2009


Friday, August 14th, 2009

Now, I’m not one for being all politically correct. I believe in calling an egg an egg and a duck a duck. Not an ovoid protein source or a bobbing aquatic avian. However, I like the phrase “Schedule-Impaired.” And I feel that yes, yes I am schedule-impaired. I’m not lazy, because I work my ass off. But I always do seem to miss my deadlines, often by a far wider margin than I’m at all pleased with. Perhaps I am simply incapable of accurately measuring how long something will take me to do. Perhaps I guess correctly, and then decide in the middle of it, “nah, let’s go all out on this one and get detail happy!” I feel this latter bit is more accurate. I have been throwing in a lot more detail into my drawings as of late. It makes them orders of magnitude more awesome, but it does make them take an obscene amount of time. My most recent example (aside from some of my current commissions and the in-progress new wallpaper which should be available by Monday) is the first new 16×20″ poster which you can scope out here. See how awesome that is? Took me twice as long as it normally would have. Easily. So yes, because of my shift in quality I am badly out of sync timing wise.

Because of all this I currently have a huge stack of commissions ranging all the way back to Animazement several months ago. I really need to focus and get these polished off so that I am not constantly behind on everything. Because of this, I expect to have to drop Friday updates for the next couple of weeks while I catch up on backwork. I apologize profusely for the inconvenience. But I can’t put off these pieces any more. People pay me good money to have me draw for them. I owe them that work, even though my clients are extremely patient people. I hope that you all will extend me the same courtesy while I play catch up with myself.

Believe me when I say that while this is frustrating for you to be sure, it is infuriating for me. For someone as schedule-impaired as I am, it’s amazing how much I hate missing deadlines. That’s all for now. I’ll return with more art soon.

Connecticon Preliminary Report

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Ok, I was going to do a huge write up on how awesome Connecticon was. However, I am dog tired. As you can probably tell by the temporary appearance of a color-less comic. Tomorrow! After some sleep I will have colors go up, as well as an indepth report on the awesome that occurred in the state of Connecticut last weekend. Thus the plan is formed! ::passes out::