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Archive for September, 2009

Things going on this Week

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Hey folks just a couple of quick notes:
-This week’s update has had to be shifted to Wednesday instead of it’s standard Tuesday time slot. This is mostly due to having had to spend a lot of time putting together a portfolio to
-apply for an illustration position with ThinkGeek. More on that as things do or do not develop.
-I’ll be at
Tigercon this Saturday. So all you local folks should check it out, stop by, say hell and check out the Super Art Fight.
-There should also be a new wallpaper up sometime this week.

In unrelated news: thems some happenin’ cats.

Hobbies and Hobbyists

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

I have fewer hobbies now than I did when I was young.

Granted, growing up I was into everything. I played music, I painted, I roleplayed, I designed RC zeppelins (though they never got built), I built models, I launched rockets, I’d go biking, hiking, rafting, I collected dice (still do actually), hell I even sang. And of course I read a lot. But nowadays I find myself not doing much outside of drawing. When I do find some time away from the sketch pads and wacoms I manage to read and I climb rocks. Well, fiberglass ones anyhow. I kind of miss some of my old hobbies.

Sadly all of the people that would be interested in roleplaying are at considerable distance. I haven’t seen my bike in god knows how many years, and it probably wouldn’t fit anymore. Model rockets are so niche as to barely exist anymore. The models have changed in a decade and the same can be said for the plastic model selection. Mostly cars anyhow, and there’s only so many f-16s you can build before you get a touch bored.

I did manage to lay my hands on basically the complete collection of Starship Troopers miniatures. I didn’t even know they made such a thing. Like every geek, I’m sure, I tried getting into miniatures back in highschool, but I actually found Warhammer 40k to be a touch boring and frightfully expensive, though I did like the massive Tyranid swarms. Recently I discovered a miniatures game called Warmachine, which it turns out I’ve been enjoying the production and concept art for years. I’m told it’s a good game, but honestly I think I’d have a lot more fun putting together a 1/16th scale model of one of the warjacks rather than building an army of the miniatures.

Maybe there just aren’t hobbies in the world anymore. Not like they used to be. It seems like for most people, spare time enjoyment is keeping intouch through the facebooks and twitters or keeping up on celebrity gossip. None of these are necessarily bad pastimes, but as a hobbyist it doesn’t seem terribly hobby like.

In totally unrelated news a friend of mine informed me that The KGB is both aware of Finder’s and loves Cailyn. This made me absurdly happy. So thank you KGB, you guys are officially awesome.

Also my fortune cookie reads: “You will be successful in everything.” Best fortune, ever.