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Archive for December, 2009

Clogged Tubes

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Sorry about the late posting. Apparently the internet was uncooperative for most of yesterday and I wasn’t able to actually upload the new page until today. Ah well, we continue onward with our story, soon to come to the close of chapter 3. I’m gonna give you all a heads up now. I’m going to take a short (no more than two week) break at the end of chapter 3. I need a little time to recoup and re address some things with the story and Finder’s Keepers as a whole. Mostly I need to catch myself back up on my scripting. So I’m going to put the shout out now: I’m going to be looking for some guest strips/fanart to tide over the gap between the end of chapter 3 and the beginning of chapter 4. If you’re interested email me at Thanks guys, and merry Christmas.


Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

It snowed this weekend! This is amazing, as I can’t remember the last time we had snow this early in the season. Frequently we won’t see any significant (i.e. sticks to the ground) snowfall until February. This is awesome. I have a love of Winter that many people don’t share. I love the feel of a cold crisp winter morning. The glitter of sunlight in the trees after an ice storm. The muffled crunch of fresh snow beneath my boots. I love it all right up until I realize how fucking cold it is and how my blood is rapidly cooling. Curse you lack of insulating fatty tissues!

In other news, Shark Robot can help you cover up your shameful naked walls. That’s right, you can now get my artwork directly from my printer. Snafu Dave is the reason I’m actually able to offer those gorgeous giant glossy posters at all, so many thanks to Dave.

More news to follow as it develops.