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Archive for February, 2010


Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

So remember when I told you guys the other week that there were going to be some changes around here? Well, here’s the first of them!

Shark Robot will soon be taking over all of my online storefront. What does this mean, you ask? It means several very important things. First it means that I won’t be in charge of shipping out merchandise anymore, freeing up a fairly sizable portion of my time to work on the comic! Huzzah! Secondly it means that I’m going to restructure how I do prints. Thirdly, it means that we’ll have T-shirts again! And new designs to boot!

One of the things I’m going to do during this change-over is I’m going to discontinue a lot of prints. Yes, you heard me, a lot of prints (mostly the limited edition ones) will no longer be available as I will not be printing them anymore. I’ll be keeping a number of existing prints (obviously) and there will be a bunch of new prints coming up. All the artwork will be available in new sizes: 8×10″, 10×13″, and 16×20″, which are all standard sizes, making framing super easy!

As of this month I’m making a slight change to the way the limited edition wallpapers work. As always, any donor who donates more than $15 will get one of the signed and numbered limited edition prints. However, now they will not be limited to runs of 100. The Limited Edition prints will be done in runs only large enough to cover the donors for the month. So once a new wallpaper goes up that 8.5×11″ limited edition print will never be available again. Based on past experience, this will make them limited to runs of roughly 15-30 copies. There is the potential for any wallpaper to later be turned into a regular print and available in the sizes mentioned above, but there is no guarantee that will happen. So come March, when I put out a new wallpaper, the current wallpaper will not be available in print again. You can always donate to get previous wallpapers at any time, but the limited prints will not be available once a new wallpaper goes up.

So when is this change over happening? The END OF THE MONTH. Come March 1st, all links to the storefront will be turned to point to Shark Robot. I won’t dismantle the GCG Studios storefront until the end of March, however. I figure a little bit of overlap is a good thing, but you’ll have to find your way there yourself.

Ultimately I feel this will lead to a better shopping experience for you, more time to do art for me, and in the end will streamline the whole business part of this thing I do. Yeah I know some of you guys are all “boo! you shouldn’t be in it for the money!” to which I say “I like being able to pay rent.” I don’t like the business part, I like the art part. If someone else would put a roof over my head and slide food under my door I would happily draw all day and night long without any thought to anything but the comic. As for the rest of you, thank you guys for all your support. I couldn’t be doing this without you guys. I feel this partnership with Shark Robot will be a good thing for all of us.

Stay tuned for new comic pages and a return of wearable art! Oh, and issue 3 is now available for preorder!

Finder’s Keepers the Movie

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

So an interesting question was raised at the Finder’s Keepers Q&A panel at Katsucon the other weekend. I was asked “so who would you have play the roles in Finder’s Keepers the live action movie?” I was unable to successfully answer this question as I had never given it a great deal of thought. Pondering it a bit I can only say that a young Viggo Mortesen would make an amazing Cardinal. I still have no ideas for the rest of the cast. So let’s play, shall we? Who should play the cast of Finder’s Keepers?

Chapter 4 Starts Friday

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Hey guys, I got back from Katsucon a little earlier today and the weekend was a blast but I am dead. There is something indescribably exhausting about being on the way you have to be at a convention. It’s not an act, or a fascade, but you definitely end up exerting yourself in interesting and unusual ways when at a con. Particularly if you’re an introvert like myself. So, I realize that despite having been away for some 3 weeks I’m going to have to push it just a little further. Friday we’ll see the first update of Chapter 4 which’ll be the cover art, however I won’t make you wait a full week before we get into the story. I’m going to punch out the first page and have that posted for you all by Tuesday. After that we’ll return to our now standard Tuesday updates.

I have other grand plans for the near future. Not only will we be kicking off Chapter 4 this week, but there will be some marked upgrades all around. I’m going to overhaul the Finder’s Keepers website in the next couple of months. The new format and navigation of the site has proven to work quite well, but there are always things that can be improved. As such I’m going to make said improvements, to bring you guys an even better reading experience.

As for what I’ve been up to in my absence from the web, the last three weeks have been amazing and exhausting all at the same time. Ohayocon proved to be an amazing con, despite the ridiculous cold. Columbus also surprised me by being the once city I can think of that I didn’t automatically hate when I drove into it.

What the Hell?! Con reminded me of why I like college conventions: they’re fun beyond reason! I also got auctioned off like a slab of meat (sexy sexy meat) at the geek auction, and I would not be surprised if the event was covered in some regard by the Devil’s Panties in about 2 months or so. It was also really great to see Kel and Ursula aka. Lol Wut? Pear Lady again. It’s amazing how long it sometimes is between meeting up with friends.

Katsucon was epic this year. I’m not sure there’s a better word to describe it. The Gaylord convention/resort is an amazing (if labyrinthine) and Katsu really stepped up it’s game in spite of the snowpocolypse of twenty ten. Despite the multiple feet of snow, the airplanes that didn’t make it off the runway which delayed essential convention supplies (i.e. badges) Katsucon brought its A-game and rocked the national harbor. Katsucon also played host to what I would call the greatest Super Art Fight ever. Three amazing bouts between amazing artists, yielded the best show I have ever been to, and I’ve been to most of them. Michael Brocco and Nick Borkowicz put on a spectacular spectacle in the first round, the second round in which I defeated Jamie Baldwin was probably the loudest I think I’ve ever heard a super art fight audience be, and Jamie Noguchi was brave and bold but ultimately got his ass handed to him by the insanely talented Jo Chen who proved to us all that the only way to art fight is with a brush.

Katsucon also made me do something I never thought I’d do. The convention was so amazing that I broke down and started a twitter account. You can now follow me between updates at GarthFT. Maybe I can keep that updated better than my old livejournal.

Getting back to it!

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Just a quick update while I have something resembling a moment to think. We’re almost done with our guest appearances, and I’d like to thank everyone who submitted a piece. You all are awesome and I appreciate the help. We should have chapter 4 starting up next Tuesday and going from there.

So far I’ve hit 2 of the 3 cons, and they both have proved A-mazing. Ohayocon was a great con to attend, and it was fantastic meeting my fans in the north! WhatTheHell?!con was also equally epic, if much smaller. I do enjoy the little college conventions. Terribly welcoming, and you actually have the ability to do everything and truly have fun. It was also entertaining to be auctioned off like a piece of meat for charity. I know the ladies were entertained as well…

So that brings me to Katsucon this weekend! I’ve always enjoyed Katsucon and I expect this year to be better than its ever been! Despite the insane amount of snowfall we’ve had in the area, I’m going to be there! I hope you guys will be too! I’ve got a couple of fun panels including a never-done-before Finder’s Keepers Q&A! That’s right! I’m opening the doors, giving out the secrets, but you have to be at the panel to find out! I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I will have some rather important announcements and more in-depth reviews of the last couple of weeks after Katsu, when my brain is a tiny bit more together than it is right now.