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Guest Strips!

As I said earlier, I’m taking a couple of weeks off before I start in on chapter 4. The timing is pretty good, actually as starting this weekend I’ve got 3 convention appearances back to back. This weekend will kick off with Ohayocon! In the meantime however, I’ve had several fans and friends offer up some artwork/comics to tide over the gap. I hope you enjoy them!

3 Responses to “Guest Strips!”

  1. Xavier says:

    Enjoy the time off. Looking forward to Chapter Four.

  2. Lonely says:

    Lookin’ forward to seeing you at Ohayocon and Chapter 4.

  3. Steve Biernesser Jr. says:

    Hey garth, its me steve jr. just wanted to say good work so far and i actually got to your site this time by following a link from girl genius so congrats. in my mind at least you are officially big leagues now haha.

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