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Return to Otakopolis

Page 16 will be up later this week before I leave for Otakon. Some personal things came up and mucked with my production schedule. But enough of that, I have an awesome tidbit of awesomeness regarding this weekend.

This weekend, as any of you who give two hoots about conventions, is Otakon, that monstrosity of a convention that likes to eat everything like some ravenous bug bladder beast from Trall. I will be at said convention, doing my best to not lose what little sanity I have left. I will be occupying table J08 down in the alley like the last bastion against the mad tide thusly:
The Map!
The reason I mention this now is because I’m doing something new this year. The local frame shop, Fast Frames has been featuring my work for the last month or so in their gallery in Stafford. And we’ve partnered up to run a raffle at Otakon this year. Whats the prize? Well, the winner of said raffle will take home a custom, professionally framed, signed copy of my Steam Beast print. That’s right, something like $400 worth of framed artwork will go home with some lucky fan this weekend. Do I really need to say that lucky fan could be you?

Just thought those attending the massiveness that is Otakon might want to know where to find me in the chaos. I hope to see you guys there!

One Response to “Return to Otakopolis”

  1. Katie says:

    Ooh! I’ll be there! quite possible as cailyn…? hm…

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