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Further Thoughts

Yeah, wall of text on the “update.” And not the update anyone was hoping for, I’m sure. However, its what I think needs to happen, at least for now. I’ve still got a bunch of conventions I’m going to be going to this year. By all means, do come out to them and voice your displeasure and sadness to me in person.

Connecticon July 13-15th, Hartford CT

Otakon July 27-29th, Baltimore MD

SPX Sept 14-16, Bethesda MD

Intervention Sept 21-23, Rockville MD <– this one is a small and intimate con, so you’re sure to get maximum “whyyyyyyyyy?!!!” time with me.

AWA Sept 28-30, Atlanta GA

NYCC Oct 12-14, NYC NY

Nekocon Nov 2-4, Hampton Roads, VA

I will answer what questions I can. Thank you all for your understanding and being the best audience a guy could ever ask for.

98 Responses to “Further Thoughts”

  1. -So many hugs-

    Disappointing of course, but glad you made a decision in the end instead of just sitting and letting everyone wait. Looking forward to working with you this year and sitting through all the “whyyyyyyy!!”s with you XD!

  2. Kaotik4266 says:

    Sad to hear it. Thanks for actually making a post, though, and not just letting the site sit idle as so often happens!
    Best of luck for your future stuff. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out! (Is there a convenient RSS feed I can follow or something?)

  3. Kaytee says:

    Totally bummed about this comic ending but I can understand, sometimes you have to let things go.

    (thanks for the heads up, a lot of people wouldn’t even give that much courtesy, and I’m definitely going to follow your devaintart. :3 )

  4. OldeWolf says:

    Eh? I don’t see anything about this comic ending or am I missing something? All I see is conventions he is going to, that’s it.

  5. Garth says:

    OldeWolf, go click the “most recent page” button, and you’ll find the announcement.

  6. Merq says:

    Sorry to hear this, but that’s just how things go sometimes. And thank you, it’s been fun reading this, even if it’s ending now. I’ll be watching you at DA then. Good luck with your future plans! :)

  7. Hikari says:

    I would have loved to see how this comic turned out, but I’ve enjoyed your work far too much to give up on you no matter how long I have to wait for it. I hope the rest of the year goes well, and I look forward to the new project next year!

  8. l says:

    please post an update on finders for your new project!

  9. Ladyfox7oaks says:

    Life happens, especially when we’re making other plans. I just hope that someday, you can re-visit this, even if in the background of another comic, or as “ancient back history” to another comic and give it some closure beyond the two of them stuck in EarthMother’s cell. :)
    I LOVE reading the way you wove all the different Fey into today’s world, and hope that we might get to see pointed ears, or tall cloaked figures that no-one else seems to notice, standing in crowds and backgrounds.

    I’ll still pop in from time to time, cause I REALLY hope you’ll announce the next comic here. :D May even go back through the archives a few times…
    See you in 2013!

  10. Sharon says:

    Bummer! Thanks for posting comics for us over the years, I love your art, and you have really unique stories. Good luck with everything, and I look forward to seeing more comics from you.

  11. Daniel D says:

    Well, going to miss this comic. I always love your work Garth, I hope you decide to come back to comic writing sooner than later! Definitely will be following your deviant art.

    Just gotta wait til 2013 I guess. ;)

  12. LG says:

    I fully understand. I’ve been there myself, did what I had to do, picked up what pieces I could and moved forward. Sometimes it can be done with the same project, other times not.

    One thing a past friend who’s since become a Name in fantasy fandom told me, something that has stuck with me for the past years, and something that I hope will ease your mind a little about your decision: there is always a price for peace in all you do. Find yours, do what needs be done. Otherwise, you will never have peace. I add to this: even if that price leaves you flailing and falling until you find your feet again, either in the familar or the new.

    You aren’t the first, you aren’t the last to do this. I’ve done the same wiht my own comic, now on its 5th incarnation. I want to do this project so badly, but I’ve such a shakey road. But all I can do is try, find the price of peace, and keep moving.

    May you find yours. Best of wishes on all you do.


  13. Xavier says:

    It’s far better to accept that something isn’t working and call it a day then to keep grinding away on it and be buried under misery. Focus on what makes you happy. I enjoy your work and I’ll check in from time to time. I went back and read Comedity when FK went through it’s first break.

    You’ll have a better time of it doing what you love.

  14. Slash says:

    it takes balls to do what you did. you have my respect, sir.
    and please, let us know when you have something new for us.

    also, I hope you get back from the dark places you’ve been in the best shape possible.

    God bless

  15. Chris says:

    Very sad to hear about the ending of the comic, but I suppose that if there are that many problems associated with it, moving on is a totally viable alternative. Sad to see FK go, but still looking forward to all that happens in your creative future. I’ve been a fan since the beginning of Comedity, and you won’t lose me over this.

    Best of luck to all you do,
    Your fan,

  16. Senso says:

    I hope that life treats you well and things work out for you. While it is sad that we will not get a better ending to Finders, I am glad to hear that you are doing well in your professional life. I look forward to whatever comes next.

    Bona Fortuna.

  17. Kevin says:

    Well, I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Just about every web comic out there pretty much ends this way. I’ve started reading and send the demise of over dozens of these. Either the storyline gets convoluted and the artist/writer gives up, or real life gets involved and does the same.

    I’d like to wish you good luck in the future. Your artistic skills have clearly improved over the years and I have enjoyed reading every one of them. I sincerely hope that you find what you enjoy doing with your artistic endeavors.

    However, I doubt I’ll be back. Having a storyline left with so many unanswered questions and no closure isn’t something that interests me. Despite the good intentions of many who start web comics, all to frequently we’re left with the exact situation we have now. It’s not specific to Finders Keepers or to Garth, it’s just seems tied to the genre.


  18. Lord Bounty says:

    You’ll get to it eventually, so it’s kinda Meh.

    At least you’re not declaring defeat. Seen a couple of good books do that in this economy. Really Sad.

  19. Tio says:

    We’re all rooting for you to get things back on track. As much as I (and I’m sure many others) are sad to see it go, you are your own person, and I would be remiss not to give you the same advice I give to my other friends: “Make things work, and be happy!”. If making things work means you have to quite FK, then that’s what you need to do. For those of us that are true fans of your work; for those of us that realize you are a human being, and not some robotic vacuum cleaner with a pencil; we know you do what you can, how you can, when you can. And we appreciate everything you do Garth. You are an talented, smart, and entertaining guy, and I, at least, am deeply indebted to you for being kind enough to share that with me.

    Best of wishes Garth. Be well, take care, and keep the dream alive. I’ll be waiting, as always, for the next endeavor you take on. ;)

  20. R.A. says:

    Hey, sometimes what you think will be your masterpiece ends up being a training piece, and it can be painful to let go of. Good job moving on to new things. It’s hard to complain about having an overload of paid work, too. :)

    Whatever your next project is, let us know! This particular comic may have ended, but you haven’t lost your fans.

  21. Echothread says:

    Well, I’ve followed you since the beginning, way back when…

    I’m sad to see it end, but I hope everything is alright, and I hope you’re good.

    If you do end up doing anything else, please post a link here, I enjoy your art and writing, very much so.

    Thank you for all the wonderful stories and art and joy you’ve brought all of us.

    Please take care of yourself, and do what you have to to make you happy.

    Cheers, mate.

  22. hates_unfinished_stories says:

    Do what you gotta do, but could you …maybe… give your notes/ideas for the world to another artist willing to continue the story? Or maybe write a short summary on how the story WOULD HAVE gone? I hate unresolved mysteries

  23. Umm ok says:

    Well, that was not exactly obvious knowing he updated his comic with a final one when he also did not update the update image itself.

    Ah well, since he cannot follow through with his commitment and provide us a closure to this comic (regardless of his personal situation), onward comic link to the bottom of the list you go.

    Sad to see a good comic storyline and comic artist go to waste. Oh well.

  24. David says:

    In the end, you provide a huge free service as a web artist–catering to fans who pay absolutely nothing to solicit your sequential work. Though fans such as myself invest in such creation through characters and what-not, it is your art and if you feel you need to move on then you should do just that. I have lived through both your comics and I look forward to living through your next artistic endeavor. As for “going to get it right this time” I felt Comedity was a complete run ending just as it should when it should. You’ve done it “right” before, you did this one “right” for a while, and you’ll do this next one”right” as well. So, my advice to you in the words of that immortal penguin “SLIDE!”

    p.s. I’ll be sure and drag Chris to AWA and we shall console you with alcoholic beverages!

  25. kumakaori says:

    *checks dominic deegan today (8/6/2012) So THIS! is why you havent been updating! (well one reason at least, probably) :D !. Congrats on the project and I’m stoked to see what you and Mookie come up with :D !

  26. kumakaori says:

    *actually reads the last update* well I’m a derp. There’s that update’s worth of reasons too. But still. New Project :D !

  27. Kayleigh says:

    Sorry to hear it, but I understand. Thanks for letting us know what was going on. One question, though: Are you planning on leaving the website up, at least? I love this comic and would like to be able to go back and re-read it, even though it doesn’t really have an ending.

    Good luck with your new project! Looking forward to seeing it!

  28. Tessero says:

    Yeah, I won’t be returning either.

    Garth, you’re a great storyteller, and I really was enjoying this. Series.

    But this is the second time that it’s come down to; “This sucks. I quit.” I know that thing get in the way, and that it’s hard to continue on, but I don’t get that option at my job. I don’t get to quit when the going gets tough. If I did, i’d be unemployed and starving.

    Like it or not, this was part of the profession you chose. And to do this again, (See Comedity) just shows a lack of commitment. No one here was complaining that you’re updates were rare, we understood that. But I now have zero confidence that you’ll try to complete the next project.

    Sometimes life get tough. What makes us better, is the commitment to finish what we start. A previous poster said that this is the way most web comics go. And unfortunately, he’s right, it is. And so my list of comics that I read and will support goes down by one more.

    Good luck in you’re future endeavors.

  29. Tessero says:

    And by the way, my apologies for my horrible grammar. One should not write after they have been up for 46 hours straight.

  30. Pickleweasel says:

    Somehow I had missed the last update with the explanation. I definitely understand your reasons for putting the comic on indefinite hiatus. I will miss it (well, I have missed it already) but I wish you the best in everything in life, with comicking and other things! I will definitely read the new comic you and Mookie will be working on. Take care!

  31. FarmGirl says:

    Garth- I’ve followed your work from Comedity days, and while I loved both Comedity and FK, I can understand your reasons for setting them aside.

    I also want to apologize in advance if I start a flame war here but I just have to address one thing:

    Tessero- This isn’t Garth’s *job* this is his *hobby.* The fact that it’s something he can and does share with us is fantastic but when it comes right down to it, comics are not paying his bills. Therefore, I think he has the right to walk away for any reason whatsoever, with or without warning, much less explanation. He’s allowed to put just as much or as little care into his hobby as he likes, so if he wants to create market and merchandise a comic for his hobby, he can. If he happens to make a little money with his hobby, fantastic. It’s still a hobby.

    Ok I’m done, again sorry about that, but as someone who has done some writing on the side and lost the ability and desire to finish one particular thing for whatever reasons, I understand how hard it can be to force yourself to work on something that just isn’t doing it for you anymore, especially when you started writing/drawing it for FUN.

  32. Garth says:

    Ok, just to nip this in the bud as it were, while I appreciate the defense, it is unnecessary. FK was my job, my second job. I wanted it to be my only job, but it didn’t turn out to be as good a job as I thought/hoped it would be. So, after more than three years, I quit so I could take a better job offer: the upcoming collaboration with Mookie. Whether you like and support my decision is entirely up to you. But I don’t know anyone who has never quit a job either because they hated it or because something better came along. I didn’t like quitting FK, but I’m going to love working on StarPower.

  33. Dave says:

    (slumps into chair) BUMMER. -_-

    And so goes another webcomic to the graveyard… ~_~

    I don’t like it, but I guess I can understand your reasons for ending FK… but if you could? Please write an epilogue that cleans up (or hints at resolution of) the loose ends of the present story?

  34. ChickenWhisper says:

    Why should he, Dave?
    We all saw that he got emotional and had a psychological “poor me” and decided to not follow through with what he started. He excused it by saying he “quit” but like my father said, “If you quit now, you quit everything else in life”. Pretty evident on how many projects he had quit on so far, so much that it’s natural for the readers to surmise that it’s not worth staying around for.

    Like Tessero said and Garth made clear, it was a job. There was a lack of commitments shown this time round, so much that there were no closures or epilogue for the readers. Heck, Garth didn’t even update the image for the final “comic” that explained the why he is ending it. He basically treated this like a hot potato and dropped it before walking away.

    Yep, that’s his definition of “commitment” to his “job”. At least one good thing will come from this, a public role model of what not to do.

  35. Cass says:

    Hey now, there are two sides to this. One is the readers’, which you’ve summed up pretty well. And it is a legit point. This was a job.

    That said, it’s a hard job. Some writers can crank out stories like no other, pushing out story after story, book after book. And those are the successful ones. Those are the ones who make a living writing, who could quit today and still be set for at least the next several years. They’re the lucky ones. For the rest, writing is hard. You may know the story ahead of time, or you may not, but the challenge is actually taking the time to sit and write it down. It’s so much easier and so much more rewarding to think of the story in your head than it is to write it. That’s why things like NaNoWriMo are so popular within the writing community. It helps those story tellers who struggle with being writers, actually write.

    If you don’t have your muse sitting on your shoulder, it’s ever worse. You might know what happens next (They escape) but actually*writing* it is a whole nuther matter. How do they get out? How do you make their escape fit well with the story and avoid being cheesy or contrived? Getting the dialogue write so it doesn’t sound forced, making sure it fits the character/isn’t something that breaks character for them to say or do, making sure it’s not contrived, etc. When you add in that this is a graphic novel story, you add in a new dimension, and that is the art. Art is more than just drawing pictures to show what thew characters are doing. You need to take into account lighting and angles. Should it be a bird’s eye view shot? First person? Over the shoulder? Maybe a panoramic shot? Or maybe a series of panels? How do you get the angle just right to show everything in the scene that you need to? Beyond that, how do you angle and color and light it to show the *mood* of the scene? How do you want the page layout to be?

    Agreed, writing is a job, but only if you want it to be. As a consumer of the product, you are justified in being upset that he just up and quit. That said, it’s still a very hard job. I enjoy writing, and I’ve toyed with the idea of actually putting stuff online and doing a web comic. But I know that there is no way I would be able to say, “Alright muse, I need a new page today, help me out here.” I’m really bummed about the comic, too. It was one of my favorites that I’ve read. At the same time, I understand, because if I had his job, I would have done it the same way he did with the same end result, only it would have happened a lot earlier on.

    Try and take comfort from looking at it this way: you didn’t pay him in advance to finish this comic, so you haven’t lost anything from his quitting. It sucks, yes, I definitely agree. But none of use were ever entitled to hear his stories. He put them online for us to read, free of charge, but that also give him the right to stop posting them whenever the price outweighs the reward.

  36. Shaz says:

    I never clicked the comic because the ‘most recent page’ picture hadn’t changed, so I’m just now seeing it!

    Garth- I have loved FK, but more than that, I have enjoyed reading your comics. That means that, while I will miss this one (and while I really, really wish I knew how it all worked out) I will happily follow you to your next work – because I follow artists I like just as much as I follow comics I like. :) I’m happy to see you will at least be continuing with comics, and I shall look forward to your next!

  37. Garth,

    I was hoping for a text summary of where you expected the story to go.

    It kind of hangs at a rough spot.

    Also, since you have a new project, the best “last page” would be:

    “I’ve got a new job with a new comic. Come visit us at: [link]”

    That is by far the best way to close things out.

    Wish you luck.

  38. Bridgebrain says:

    One of these days, I will find you at one of these cons. And I will hug you. And it will be awkward.
    Awkward, yet friendly and appreciative, hugs will be your punishment.
    Hope whatever venture you take on next will work out better for you man :)

  39. Nathan says:

    I’ve known that the comic has been gone for some time, and I keep checking back, and going through all the chapters of this epic world you built in our minds, and wondering where it would have gone from here. I won’t say that I’m disappointed- that would be absolutely rude, and false besides- I am totally in awe of your art, your stories, and hope that you continue to grow as an artist, storyteller, and person.
    I only correct grammatical errs I notice myself making, so looking at that paragraph, holy crap, I sound sappy. This comic is the hands down best thing I wish I had to pay to read. If you ever come back to it, and I hope you do, I will make everyone I know with a working pair of eyes, and an internet connection read it, because this is worth the attention.

  40. Russ says:

    For those coming here still (because I do from time to time as well), if you’re interested in Garth’s current work, and don’t know where to go, follow this:

  41. kiklanisune says:

    just wanted to say, I love your comics. comedity i stumbled on in high school, it was one of the few things that made me smile at that time.
    Now I still go back and read them when I’m depressed in the job I currently work, (isolated oil sands camps). I do like that starpower too :D

    On another small footnote, some of these comments are disgusting. Ive quit many jobs, i seem to be doing fine overall. If youre not the percentage of happy you want/ need to be, that thing isnt worth doing usually. I’m 25, its refreshing and sad Ive already learned this.

    Keep being fantabulous

  42. Howdy just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different
    internet browsers and both show the same results.

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  47. Alice says:

    Don’t be negative.

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