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Some Quick Awesome Source

Hey guys. I wanted to direct your attention to a pretty sweet resource for all you artistic types out there. One Jamie Noguchi of Erfworld and Angry Zen Master now runs a most excellent art blog: Monster Cutie

I highly recommend checking it out if you’re an artist, illustrator, or just happen to like that kind of thing. He’s got a lot of good tutorials, insights, and interviews with other professionals. And no, I’m not just telling you to check it out because he’s asked me for a few insights.

Oh, duh. I also wanted to tell you guys how I spent Saturday. Saturday, among other awesome shenanigans, I hung out at my local comic shop (Painted Visions in Lake Ridge, VA for those of you in the area and not in the know) because it was freaking Free Comic Book Day. Didn’t get any free comics, but I almost never have interest in those anyway. However, it was a grand excuse for me to go and actually buy a bunch of books. I picked up another batch of Fables which is freaking awesome. Always love fairy tales with a twist. Picked up Umbrella Academy which is deliciously twisted. And I also picked up Hunter-Killer, which I had started reading and has turned out to be far more than my most recent Top Cow guilty pleasure book. All in all, it was way good. Remember to support your local comic shops. I hope to be on their shelves one day soon.

Also. These are freaking awesome. I simply can’t decide if I want the Photoshop, the Illustrator, the InDesign, or if I need to break down and get the whole set. Not that I have ever used After Effects. Still… I feel like I must have.

One last thing. In addition to the pre-order for the super-sweet new Death T-shirt, I’ve also made the entire size spectrum for the ever popular Guitar Nero available. Most sizes are not currently in stock, but we plan to be re-ordering soon. Since these suckers sell out pretty quickly, I recommend getting an order in ahead of time.

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