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Cailyn Asher

Through chance, accident, and some poor choice of wording, Cailyn became the wayward companion and unexpected keeper of Cardinal. Since that fateful night of magic and blood, Cailyn has sought a way to unbind herself from him. Not that she dislikes Cardinal per-sey, but more on principle.

Before Cailyn's life became swallowed up by the Veil she was seeking her masters in psychology. A bit of a wanderer, Cailyn has dabbled in a wide range of fields. She studied photography, metal work, judo, a wide range of cultures, medicine, programming, and ballroom dancing among many other topics. While not remarkably skilled in any given field, she is an avid learner. Though she has found herself repeatedly attracted to mythology of a variety of cultures.

Lord and Aspect of the Primary Directions, second son of the Lord Navigator, great-grandson of The Seeker. He can find anything. At least that's what he tells everyone. Being an Aspect tends to make one a smug, cocky son-of-a-bitch.

Cardinal is being hunted by the Umbra, for reasons unclear to either him or Cailyn. Cailyn supposes that it is because they are afraid of him finding something, but it is only a tentative theory at best. Cardinal is justifiably terrified of the Umbra and has subsequently been running from them. His efforts to evade and avoid the Umbra have even gone so far as to faking his death by allowing them to catch him, surviving the assault by keeping his soul stored in a small brass compass. This trick would have worked better if Cailyn hadn't unintentionally laid claim to the compass, there-by claiming ownership of Cardinal. Cailyn has far more direct methods of dealing with the problem, which Cardinal gives her a great deal of flack for.

The Umbra are creatures of shadow and darkness. Who or what controls them is yet unkown, but they move with intelligent purpose. The cannot exist for long in direct light, being creatures of shadow. If caught in the light, they naturally fade into intagibility until they can reform in some existing darkness. Cardinal has managed to kill one of them by finding and breaking the magical bond that holds its shadowy form together.

They can assume whatever form they wish, though usually choose the form of a lanky humanoid with exceptionally long talloned fingers. And they like their hats.
Lady Scarring

Lady Scarring is an aspect of healing, a very old aspect. Where as some creatures beyond the Veil can cause spontaneous regeneration or otherwise miraculously mend damaged tissue or even life itself, Lady Scarring is a natural aspect of healing. She is exceedingly wise in the way of the body, and over the centuries has found many ways to encourage the body to restore and rejuvenate itself. However, she has found that the body is capable of repairing even the most grievous of injuries given enough time. She is one of the finest healers to ever live. Her work is all natural, not relying on magics, sorcery, technology, or bargains to keep them working.

There is, however, always a price. No one walks into Lady Scarring's without leaving with some token of the injury that brought them there to begin with. Sometimes the scars are not too terrible....
The Reapers

Death, like all the Powers that Be, has many creatures and Aspects beholden to her. Every culture has some kind of being that comes to collect the dead and usher them to the afterlife. While Death makes a point to kiss each soul goodbye to whatever awaits us after this world, the Reapers are her primary footmen in her great task. They are exceedingly good at their job. They are not necessarily cruel, but they are exceedingly efficient and ruthless. If it is someone's time, then they have no hesitation to ensure their target makes his appointment on time.

They have been known to get quite creative with their jobs, as it does tend to get redundant after the first few million heart attacks.

Death is the youngest of the Powers that Be, the nine manifestations of the fundamental governing powers of the mortal coil. Though she is the youngest of the nine, she will live longer than any save Void. Many would say that being the youngest shows as Death often acts in the cavalier manner of a young girl. For who she is, she is amazingly chipper and energetic. And a insatiable flirt.

Death is the end of all things. She is responsible for and represents endings of life, cultures, nations, eras, everything. All things come to her in the end. And while that may seem to be a depressing responsibility, she likes to think of it as merely the final letting go before new things can occur. The new cannot happen without the old giving way. Change and growth cannot exist without the old and decaying letting go and giving way. All must end so that all can begin again. The gardner of existence. And she does tend a small rose garden, which she is very fond of. Though she won't tell anyone. It would ruin the exuberent goth look she has cultivated.