Finder's Keepers
Name: Garth Cameron Graham
Other: Something else?
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Donations are a big part of what allows Finder's Keepers to be distributed for free across the net. An awful lot of time and effort goes into this story, and it is a wonderful thing when fans give a little back to keep the story coming. By no means will the story stop if no one donates, but every little bit is greatly appreciated.

But because I feel that those who donate deserve something a little extra, I've created a desktop wallpaper as a way to say "Thank you" for those contributors. The following is the current wallpaper.
A new wallpaper is created each month, so check back frequently. Any donor of $1 or more will recieve this wallpaper. Donors of over $15 will recieve one of the 100 limited edition prints of the current wallpaper in addition to a copy of the desktop wallpaper. Each print is signed and numbered.

After donating, you will recieve an email directing you to where you can download the wallpaper pack. Standard sizes are: 800x600px, 1024x768px, 1280x1024px, 1280x800px, 1440x900px, 1600x1200px, 1920x1200px, and 2048x1536px.