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Name: Garth Cameron Graham
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After Cailyn Asher unintentionaly laid claim to Cardinal's soul, binding the two of them together until Cailyn "[is told] exactly what is going on," she convinces/commands Cardinal to capture one of the Umbra for questioning. unfortunately this plan does not pan out well, and the two of them are on the run again.

Cardinal brings the injured Cailyn to Lady Scarring, the old Aspect who did most of the healing work on Cardinal after his run in with the Umbra. Lady Scarring opinies that Cailyn should not have survived, and Card goes to see DEATH to discover why Cailyn survived. DEATH has many things to say to Card, and also bestows a gift on Cailyn.

After Cailyn recovers, Cardinal takes them shopping. They need a few supplies if they are to find The Fate and make any headway at all.

Having separated from Cardinal in a devious plan to tempt fate into showing Itself and uncovering the myster of why the Umbra are after Cardinal, Cailyn must contend with the twists and dangers of socializing beyond the Veil. With a bit of luck she'll keep herself from being spirited away by the Fae named Puck and keep the lurking Umbra at bay. However her stubbornness may well get her in deeper trouble than she's capable of handling.